Vanli’s Japanese Bamboo Fiber Bento Box 27oz

  • 🍱 ECO-FRIENDLY LUNCH BOX – Ditch the disposable plastic food containers that pollute the earth! Help save the planet with this reusable lunchbox. The lid is made of 100% bamboo while the container is made of 45% bamboo fibre.
  • 🍱 ENJOY BETTER, FRESHER FOOD - Enjoy food like it’s made straight out of the kitchen. Our Japanese bento box has an airtight silicone ring that keeps air out, keeping veggies crisp, fruits moist, and other foods hot or cold.
  • 🍱 LEAK-PROOF & MESS-FREE – Worried that your packed meal will make a mess inside your lunch bag? Worry no more! We included a wide elastic strap you can put around the bento lunch box to keep it securely closed.
  • 🍱 GREAT BENTO BOX FOR KIDS & ADULTS ALIKE – Who says lunch boxes are just for kids? Grown up men and women can enjoy the convenience it brings, too! Our bento boxes are designed to be elegantly stylish in a minimalist and professional way.
  • 🍱 SAFE, NON-TOXIC LUNCH PACK– Our LFGB & FDA compliant airtight food containers are guaranteed safe for adults and kids. They contain zero PBA, phthalate, and lead. The hard bamboo lid is coated with an edible oil coating to repel bacteria.