Vanli's Premium Reusable Silicone Straws

  • 🍹 ENJOY YOUR DRINKS - Don't let flimsy and frail straws hold you back from enjoying your favorite beverage. Our reusable silicone straws feel smooth on your lips and have the ideal thickness for sipping.
  • 🍹 REDUCE YOUR PLASTIC CONSUMPTION - Plastic straws pose great harm to your health and the environment. We offer an alternative way to let you enjoy your drinks while saving the world one straw at a time.
  • 🍹 GREAT FOR KIDS - Each pack comes with 8 vibrant colors that your kids will surely love! Your new easy-to-clean straws are 100% BPA-free and do not contain any trace of harmful toxins
  • 🍹 MADE TO LAST - We made sure that our straws will outlast your drinking needs. They're made from heavy-duty and food-grade silicone for added durability and temperature resistance.✔️RUBBER STRAWS REUSABLE: Phthalate free, Plastic Free and designed for easy sipping
  • 🍹ENOUGH FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - Each pack comes with 11 reusable straws-enough for the whole family with more to spare. You'll also receive 2 cleaning brushes and a pouch for bringing your straws anywhere!

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